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Eragon – by Christopher Paolini

I was inspired to (finally) catch up on my required Christopher Paolini reading because he’s coming to visit the store! Such excitement! Here’s my take on Eragon, the first title in the Inheritance Cycle:

Like most people in Alagaesia, Eragon has grown up hearing tales of the dragon riders who watched over the realm before Galbatorix, one of their own, betrayed them and took the crown. Such stories have little real impact on Eragon’s world – until the day he stumbles upon a dragon’s egg and inadvertently becomes one of a new generation of dragon riders, destined to either fall under Galbatorix’s dominion or join the rebel Varden and fight for the realm’s freedom. Either way, Eragon’s life will never be the same.

The story builds quite slowly before rapidly gathering momentum, sweeping you along with Eragon and his dragon Saphira as they try to stay one step ahead of Galbatorix’s forces and figure out what to do next. The characters are well-rounded, their flaws and somewhat prickly personalities only making them more relatable, and Paolini’s society is rich with competing political forces, most of which have merit as well as problems, ultimately making for a very complex and interesting story. The detail and authenticity of this world and these characters sets Eragon apart from other Young Adult Fantasy. Well worth the read!

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Have you read Eragon? What did you think of the book?

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