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Promise – by Tony Cavanaugh

This is the first novel by a former crime reporter who clearly knows of what he writes. Here’s my take on the book:

Darian Richards has retired from life as a high profile homicide detective in Melbourne and retreated to Noosa to try to escape the ghosts that accompany that kind of career. But one of Noosa’s inhabitants is abducting, abusing and murdering young girls, and regardless of protocol, Richards can’t help but get involved.

I read this book in about two days and lived it the whole time, which is appropriate because the plot itself is set over only a handful of days. With about twenty pages to go I had to put it down and go to work and was really stressed about it until lunchtime when I dashed upstairs to read the conclusion!

The most disturbing aspect of this novel is that a good deal of it is seen through the mind of the killer; and it’s not a pretty mind to visit. Cavanaugh captures the creepy, skewed perspective of this creature uncannily well. Both main characters are basing their actions largely on what they expect their foe to do, and this to and fro makes the novel both intriguing and confronting.

Richards is a classic anti hero, and his character rings true: haunted by his past, he’s hell bent on stopping the killer, whatever the method and whatever the cost. The plot has enough twists to keep you guessing and more than enough tension to impact on the rest of your day! I’m hanging out for a sequel from Cavanaugh already.

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So… are you as disturbed/impressed by Promise as I was?

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5 thoughts on “Promise – by Tony Cavanaugh

  1. Hi Jocelyn,

    I have not long finished Promise and I loved it! Tony Cavanaugh paints the scene so well and manages to get inside the killer’s head; not an easy thing to do.

    I loved so much about the book, including the depth of the characters and their “realness”. The name of the book is quite significant and the theme of promise resonates through the story line.

    I cannot wait until the nest book!

  2. I made a typo!! Next, not nest.

  3. I totally agree, Ann-Elise – his villain was unforgettably creepy because you heard why he was doing these horrific things, and it was as unrepentant as perhaps dreaded!

    I keep recomending this to customers and friends because if you want an authentic, scary, action-packed, gritty crime novel (Australian or not) then this is it.

    So glad others enjoyed it too! I’ll wait impatiently for the sequel with you…

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