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Divas – by Rebecca Chance

I’m starting this review a tad off topic: you may recently have heard of a little book called Fifty Shades of Grey? I certainly have, it keeps selling out not only at our store but everywhere. It’s sold more than a million copies in Australia alone in the past 11 weeks, according to the Herald Sun.* My Mum, best friend and countless FB friends are among the thousands of women to indulge in a bit of Grey action.

We’re getting a lot of post-Shades customers coming in for similar stuff, which means there’s been discussion at work about books along similar lines, and as a bit of a chick lit fan I took the opportunity to read Divas, one of the follow-up suggestions. Here’s what I thought of Rebecca Chance’s self-proclaimed ‘bonkbuster’:

Lola’s your average spoilt little rich girl, the apple of her Daddy’s eye. And she has the black credit cards to prove it – until her Dad mysteriously falls into a coma while he’s being cared for by Carin, Lola’s evil stepmother, and Carin promptly cuts off Lola’s trust fund, leaving Lola floundering. That same day stripper-cum-mistress Evie wakes up to find Carin and her henchman in the apartment given to her by ‘Benny’, and is summarily evicted. Turns out Lola’s Daddy was also Evie’s sugar daddy – and he forgot to put the deed to the apartment in Evie’s name. Now Lola and Evie find themselves wary allies against the malevolent Carin, both fighting to regain control over their money and their lives.

The plot is tightly constructed, and as with many of these books the three main female character’s stories intersect neatly – a little too neatly, maybe: at times feeling a bit contrived. The novel happily emphasises the girls’ sex lives, and the suitors are appropriately gorgeous with a dash of danger. I found a little bit of Mr Darcy in Niels, Lola’s sometimes reluctant paramour, which is always a plus (although the Austen references fell apart pretty quickly during their raunchy scenes!). Fear not, there’s plenty of bonk for your buck.

I actually found myself more interested in the plot than the romantic interludes in this particular book, which could be a plus or a minus depending on your perspective? I loved the intricacies of Carin’s evil shenanigans, and both Lola and Evie ended up being pretty well established characters, more than just the heiress and the whore, although the guys were pretty straightforward.

A solid girly read, with a salacious punch and satisfying comeuppances.

three fox

It’s no Fifty Shades of Grey, I imagine…


Glitz, glam, girltalk and dripping in guys – is this how you take your fiction?


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