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I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella

numberI’m a sucker for a good chick-lit blurb, and this one caught my eye a few months ago. I finally got the chance to read the book. Meet Poppy. Her life’s a wee bit complicated, with a wedding next week and a million things left to do.

Disaster! Poppy Wyatt’s lost her engagement ring (a priceless family heirloom ring, no less). Not only that, her phone’s been stolen! So there’s no way for the hotel to call her when they find the ring – until she finds a phone dumped in a bin in the hotel lobby. Thank goodness! Finders keepers, right? But as it turns out, this phone belongs to businessman Sam Roxton’s company, and he’d like it back, thank you very much. In order to use the number Poppy desperately offers to act as Sam’s PA for a few days. And if she accidentally reads some of the messages she’s passing on, well, that’s unavoidable really. And if she begins to help Sam out by organising a few things on his behalf, well, he should appreciate the help. Unless he doesn’t. Oh.

Poppy’s an endearing, Bridget Jones-esque character in a lot of ways. Somewhat frantic (all the time), optimistic, looking for the best in people and a little bit hard on herself. I didn’t find her to be just a cardboard cut out of any other female lead in a British love story, though – thankfully. Poppy’s a physiotherapist, competent and confident in her professional abilities. She’s also very intimidated by her soon to be in-laws, who are all hugely intellectual professor types who seem to look down on Poppy’s scrabble abilities. While she has many familiar elements, she’s got a personality and is a solid main character.

I was impressed by Sam, who begins as a stereotypical high-powered businessman: barking orders, brusque and closed-minded, and is developed into a properly swoon-worthy love interest over the course of the book.

Romances set in London are one of my favourite chick-lit staples, and this was a lovely one. It’s essentially a rom-com in book form: fast paced, a tad manic, a few mishaps and misunderstandings, a wrong guy, a right guy, a realisation, a couple of revelations, and a happy ending. Light, very fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Perfect summer reading (because tis that season in Australia!).

three fox

If you like Bridget Jones, anything by Rebecca Chance or Marian Keyes, you’ll enjoy meeting Poppy Wyatt.

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