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Top Ten Books I HAD To Buy…But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread

top ten

Hosted by the awesome folks as The Broke and the Bookish, Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly meme celebrating all things book.

This week we’re looking at those books. You know the ones. They lured you in with a sexy cover, an exciting premise, or an enticing price. And as much as you wanted them, as much as you intended to read them – as much as you still mean to read them – they’re sitting dejectedly on your shelf, untouched.

Top Ten Books I HAD To Buy…But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread


Sounds like fabulous YA/dystopia, but although I have two of these on my shelf I’ve never got around to them. I plead slight dystopia weariness, and very easy distractibility!


Gifted to me by a friend, I have every intention of reading this intriguing book.

Knife (2)

Another series I’ve heard good things about, and interests me a lot. It’ll happen, eventually!


This has come to me with the highest praise from more than a few people. Goodness only knows why I’ve still not managed to get to it. I keep getting sidetracked by fantasy novels!


I really enjoyed the first two books in Westerfield’s Uglies series, and I think he’s one of the best writers in YA Dystopia currently. I’ll get back to his world.


This was one of those novels that everyone raved about. And I just couldn’t get into it. I’ll try again because I hate not being able to appreciate something with such a stellar reputation, but something just wasn’t working for me at the time.


I’ve always planned to read Kerouac, and this has been on my shelf for a few years now. I’m sure I’ll read it right after I finish that YA Fantasy… and that other Fantasy. And that Crime novel. Ahem.


Maybe it’s because it’s not as good as Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (hey, I’m allowed to think that!). Maybe it’s because I hate having all my favourite characters mercilessly killed off. Either way, I couldn’t get into George R R Martin’s second instalment, so, for now at least, that and the rest of the series sit quietly on my shelves. Judging me…


Another YA Fantasy with a great reputation, that often catches my eye from my shelves. Each time I go “That’s right, I’m totally reading that next!” … And then I accidentally don’t.


This series has been beloved for a long time, and I occasionally have people surprised that I haven’t yet read it. It’s ready for me, on the shelf with the rest of these worthy, tragically un-read books. I’m getting to it…

I’m not the only one whose book-buying eyes are bigger than her… well, eyes I guess? I buy so many books (hazard of the day job, yo) and I actually stress about the fact that there are SO MANY BOOKS I want to read, and that there’s never enough time!

Tell me, what are those books you brought home, lovingly, with the best of intentions, and that now sit on your shelves, forlorn, wondering what they did wrong?

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15 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I HAD To Buy…But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread

  1. You must read On the Road- it’s a classic, and if you like the whole “coming of age” aspect of YA you could kind of stretch it to On the Road- at least the idea of youth and self discovery.

    • I’m definitely going to make the jump to Kerouac soon, and I’ve heard so many good things about On the Road that I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Oh no, Graceling is awesome! But I liked the companion books Fire and Bitterblue MUCH better.
    I’d really like to get into Uglies one day. I find it a bit intimidating – I’m not quite ready to read a book about body issues, I don’t think. None of the others really appeal to me, although i did have an interest in reading a Wizard of Earthsea when I was going through my ‘these are the books everyone expects me to read’ phase.

    • Actually I remember you liking Fire, that’s why I bought Graceling. And, y’know, I’ll read it eventually!
      I found Uglies wan’t really about body issues, weirdly, because it’s about the society’s broken-ness and using comformity as a control mechanism, same as any other dystopia. It’s just another vehicle to explore what happens when individuality is suppressed.
      And yeah, Le Guin is certainly one of those books you get “Oh, you MUST read this” about, huh? Good thoughts, thanks Nemo!

  3. I really love the Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld!

    My Top Ten

    Have a great week!

  4. angelicreader on said:

    Ah hah… The Game of Thrones. I have them. I was going to read them. I promise. Then I watched it. Now I am not so sure…

    • I’m a bit the same! I love the show, actually. But I have this issue with seeing every character I love DIE! So, it’s Robert Jordan/Patrick Rothfuss/Brandon Sanderson for me ^_^ Thanks a bunch for the comment!

  5. I just finished listening to Gone Girl and I wasn’t all that impressed with it. I mean, it’s an interesting enough book and it is thrilling but nothing more.
    The Wizard of the Earthsea though is really good so you should read that.

    • I think there’s been too much hype for me, it can really put me off reading something if I’m not drawn in immediately. Too much pressure! But Le Guin is one I’m really looking forward to. Thanks for the comment!

      • It has really been hyped, hasn’t it? But I do think it is an excellent crime fiction novel – I’m just not that much into crime fiction. I’m working on a review of it now where I’ll try to elaborate a bit further on what it was about it, I didn’t like.

  6. Graceling is amazing! I think you should read it soon! I’ve also read the first two books in the Uglies series and just haven’t managed to get around to the rest.

    My Top Ten!

    • I’ll definitely get to Graceling soon 🙂 Uglies is odd like that isn’t it? I really enjoyed both the books I’ve read but just need to fund time for the third. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. It took me such a long time to finally read Wonder. It was amazing, though! I went out and bough a physical copy because I loved it so much. I can’t recommend it enough 🙂

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