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Top Ten Characters (and Literary Figures) That I’d Name My Children After

top ten

Hosted by the awesome folks as The Broke and the Bookish, Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly meme celebrating all things book.

This week, it’s all about great characters with great names. Names that you like enough to potentially inflict on your children. These are the top ten characters/literary peeps that I’d theoretically name my kids after:

Let me preface this by saying I met a guy called Oberon the other day. Hem. And that’s not what I’m looking to inflict on my theoretical children. (Mostly…)


I don’t think I could call my daughter Vin. But I love the name Elend for a boy. Although, again, probably not Kelsier for a boy. Also, have you read the Mistborn series yet? If you love high fantasy with strong characters, a plot that just keeps escalating when you don’t believe it can, and hands-down the best magic system I’ve ever seen – what are you waiting for?! SO GOOD.


I’ve always wanted to call a kid Sabriel. Or maybe Lirael? They’re just lovely names! And the fact that this is a less well-known series means not too many people would get the connection, and I’d just be really cool. Right?!


In a series the size of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time there are going to be a fair few character names to choose from. For my part, I’d be happy with a girl called Egwene or Nynaeve, or even Moiraine (I actually love Moiraine!) But not so impressed with a boy called Rand. Or Perrin. Or even Lan – way too easy to tease people called Rand or Lan!


Avry is an excellent name! For an AMAZING character. And I’d love it – for a girl or a boy. I also think Loren and Quain are awesomesauce names. But I don’t think I could inflict them on a child. Maybe Quain for a girl if I was a little mean…


Not so much for the Katniss factor. Everybody’s gonna have a Katniss, like all these small humans running around called Hermione. But I think Gale makes a fine boy’s name.


I just like the name Clary – it’s actually a normal name, especially compared to the others on this list, which makes sense as City of Bones is modern urban fantasy. (Make that, kick-ass modern urban fantasy!) Also Jace. Because Jace.


Again, Austen names are classic (see, I said this list wasn’t going to be all about inflicting childhood scars!). I’d love a Jane, or an Elizabeth, or an Anne – with the ‘e’ at the end. I insist! And I’m back and forth on whether a boy called Darcy is a bit cute or a bit awful – or a bit both…


I’m reading the (freaking awesome) Gameboard of the Gods at the moment, and the Praetorian female protagonist, Mae, is just fantastic. Also Mae is a family name, so I could totally get away with that for real! The male lead, Justin, is pretty messed up and great too…

One Day

Because Dexter is a great name for a boy. Dammit, that’s a normal and boring reason. If it helps, I’d be reluctant to do this because of the TV show Dexter. Just a little too creepy for me…

Name of the Wind

Oh, well. Not really, I guess… But I TOTALLY want a kid called Kvothe because Kvothe and The Name of the Wind are both made of awesome and I’d like to think that’d rub off on the child lucky enough to bear his name. A girl called Kvothe might just work, don’t you think??

What names would you like to inflict on give to your future kids? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “Top Ten Characters (and Literary Figures) That I’d Name My Children After

  1. I like the name Jace too. I think that’s a cute name for a kid. And I used to have a fish named Dexter lol. Great list! My TTT

  2. Love your topic and so excited to hear that gameboard of the gods is good, I’ve got that waiting for me wahoo

    My TTT

  3. OMGSH I LOVE THIS LIST IDEA! I am so about the unique literary names (though I haven’t quite sold hubby on the idea yet lol). But I found the name Tolan in the Left Behind Kids series when I was younger and have clung to that name like my life depends on it. It is such a precious boy’s name! And I love the name Clary too! It’s super cute!

    • Tolan’s good! And I like the idea of using names not everyone else will have, but that also aren’t awful misspellings of traditional names. That’s what these fantasy names provide! Hopefully you can get (drag?!) your husband on board with you 😉

  4. Oooh, LOVE the name Sabriel! Avry is a variation of Avery, right? 😀 I like the sound of Avry better. IT’s unique 🙂
    Top Ten Tuesday @ Divergent Gryffindor

  5. I like the name Dexter too, but it’s like you say, a little creepy, so we’ll see about that 😛
    I always loved the name Luna (can you tell that I was a huge fan of Sailor Moon as a kid? :P), and then along came J.K. Rowling and created another good Luna character. Not sure I’ll ever get a guy to agree to this one though 😛

    I also have the opposite problem, I love the name Amy, and I’m a huge Doctor Who fan so I always thought Amy was a good character too and was like “yeah awesome!” and now I’m reading the Across The Universe trilogy and my gosh I’m not liking this Amy at all. 😛

  6. When I considered doing this topic, Elizabeth and Jane from Pride and Prejudice were on top of my list. Like you said, just classic. Ultimately, I went with top book covers.

  7. angelicreader on said:

    Haha I know what you mean about Dexter. Just a bit toooo messed up. I still don’t get the whole Jace thing though…

    • Don’t get the name being popular, or the crushworthy/awesome character thing? Interesting! I can’t do Dexter – another commenter said she’d named a fish Dexter. That could work!

      • angelicreader on said:

        Even with Dexter killer thing I mosthly think of the cartoon. Seriously loved it!
        And the crush worthy thing… It is a pretty decent name.

  8. Elizabeth is a favorite name of mine because P&P is my favorite book. I love all the nicknames for Elizabeth too, Liz, Lizzie, Eliza, Liza, Beth even Betsy.

    • Actually, you’re right, the variations on Elizabeth are all just as lovely as the name itself 🙂 And I can’t stop thinking about the character when Elizabeth’s mentioned. She’s amazing.

  9. I’m not into “unique” names — my kids all have classic names that are meaningful because of who they represent. I’m just not mean enough to inflict some artsy fartsy name on kids who actually have to LIVE with them, you know?

    Oh, and I LOVE the Mistborn books. I’m not even that much of a fantasy person, but Sanderson is such an AMAZING world-builder that he sucks me in every time!

    • I think you looking for normal names is a good thing! But my fictional future children would just have to suck it up 😉 (Kidding, kidding. Mostly…) I AM SO GLAD YOU LOVE BRANDON SANDERSON. Some days all I want to do is go around converting people, one Mistborn book at a time.

  10. Great post! Love the names Gale and Dexter (I don’t care if it is now creepy). I love the name Mae and think Clary is pretty cute, too!

  11. Pingback: Reading Corner – Mistborn | The Journey of Two

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