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Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) – by Mindy Kaling

kalingI’ve embraced the intriguing world of audiobooks! In my new city, I walk to work and back – 40 solid minutes each way. And it’s such a waste of perfectly good reading time – but not any more! So far, I’m loving entertainment memoirs read by the authors (I’m listening to Tina Fey now and really can’t wait to get to Stephen Fry next). Mindy Kaling’s autobiography was my first foray into this format: here’s what I thought of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me:

You guys, I loved this book. Audio was the perfect medium, because Mindy Kaling is one funny lady. I love the Mindy Project. It’s a little slice of absurd joy in my week. I was thrilled to find Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me just as  engaging, smart, relatable and generally fabulous as the lady herself.

It feels really personal to listen to an audiobook about someone’s life, because they’re in your ear, telling you about themselves. I’ve yet to listen to a fiction audiobook, so I’m not sure how they’ll compare. I think they depend on the narrator. For example, Stephen Fry reads Harry Potter? YES PLEASE, I’LL TAKE SEVEN. But certainly, celebrities letting you in to their lives (sort of) feels like getting to know a fascinating person you’ve recently met. A really, really funny and well spoken person.

I was wary, coming in to this, that it wouldn’t feel the same as reading a book. It doesn’t – it’s different. But different doesn’t mean worse, here – it’s another way to engage with a great story, and it’s just as enjoyable. I was also worried that I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to what I was hearing, what with the dodging cars and people en route to work. Not so – the only issue (if you see it as a problem, which I totally don’t) is looking like a bit of a silly as you laugh to yourself in public!

If you have the opportunity, I definitely rate listening to (smart/funny) celebrity memoirs as an audiobook. Great fun!

fournhalf fox

Have you tried an audiobook on for size? What do you think of the experience as a reader?

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