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Austensibly Ordinary – by Alyssa Goodnight

AustensiblyEnglish teacher Cate Kendall dreams of one day finding a good guy. An Austen-worthy guy. While she’s waiting, she decides her life needs little more excitement, so by night she adopts an alter ego – the far more daring Cat.

Her good friend and Scrabble partner, Ethan, doesn’t quite know what to make of Cate’s transformation into Cat. But then, Ethan’s got secrets of his own, and if he’s not willing to open up to Cate, why should she? Before you can say “What the…?” a mysterious old notebook that seems to have some connection to the spirit of the great Jane Austen herself is added into the mix. Cate’s life has officially become a whole lot more interesting.

I had a really difficult time describing this book, especially without anything spoilery – so be warned, here they come!

Let me try it a different way – what do you get when you combine:

a) An old, blank diary that may be channeling the spirit of Jane Austen,
b) A best friend who might be a secret agent,
c) Ghost hunters,
d) An alter ego who goes to mysterious, swanky soirees & flirts with strange (really strange) men?

A whole lot of weird fun, that’s what! Austensibly Ordinary doesn’t even try to be a sensible story. At least, I hope it wasn’t trying for serious, because there was absolutely no chance of that. I have very mixed feelings about the novel. Everything was strange, and nothing made sense, but it was kind of fun in spite of itself.

two foxThis was without a doubt the most ridiculous book I’ve ever experienced. If you’re looking for a super fast read that’s a little bit Austen and a whole lot crazy, it’s definitely a memorable ride. I’m just not sure it’s necessarily a worthwhile one?

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