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Steelheart – by Brandon Sanderson

SteelheartIn a world where people with extraordinary powers exist, what happens when the superheroes are the bad guys?

David knows. He’s seen first hand what having that kind of power has done to the Epics. David was only eight when his father was killed by one of them, a particularly strong Epic called Steelheart. David’s the only person who survived the Epic’s attack on the bank that day. He’s the only living person who has ever seen Steelheart bleed. Ten years later, David hasn’t forgotten the vow he made that day: he will see Steelheart bleed again.

Okay guys. I LOVE Brandon Sanderson’s work. It’s inventive, detailed and consistently brilliant. This means two things:

1) I’m probably predisposed to like any Brandon Sanderson book by now, but also
2) I have incredibly high expectations for his work.

Each new book makes me both gleeful and wary, because I look forward to them SO MUCH that they have the potential to be a huge let down.

Thankfully, Steelheart was not a let down at all! In fact, it might be my favourite Sanderson novel since the Mistborn series. And that, dear reader, is no mean feat.

The premise is insanely cool – everyone assumes that superheroes will be a force for good, but what have humans ever done to inspire that kind of confidence? It’s a much more plausible (well…) scenario that people who found themselves in possession of that kind of power would use it to benefit themselves, no matter the cost to anyone else. Exploring this concept was a fascinating idea, and Sanderson tackled it with gusto, setting up a proper action-movie scenario. Unlike an action movie, however, the details do not fall by the wayside in Sanderson’s work – he seems to relish being able to furnish his work with as much evidence as possible, which makes for an incredibly rich reading experience.

The cast of Steelheart are excellent, too. Even though they begin as  familiar examples of the leader, the soldier, the tech support and the newbie, they quickly reveal layers that make them properly rounded people in a dire situation.

I particularly enjoy Sanderson’s plot twists. One I just glimpsed coming, but the other caught me completely off guard – I LOVE that. That never happens, because these twists are such an accepted thing that you can usually see them a mile off. Four for you, Brandon Sanderson!

Look, I could rave about this book for hours (evidently), but I’d rather rant at you once you’ve read it too and we can talk a million miles an hour over the top of each other in our excitement!

five fox

So what on earth are you waiting for? Read it already! And then come back and squee with me, okay? Pretty please?!

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