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The Dream Thieves – by Maggie Stiefvater

Hello, dear readers.

dreamthievesI’m going to start providing summaries at the top of my reviews, for those who want the TL:DR version. Behold:

Gansey and the Raven Boys need Blue’s help to find the resting place of a long-gone Welsh King, Glendower. Time’s running out, though, because they’re not the only ones searching. This is brilliant YA fantasy, and one of the few series that’s great for boys and girls. It’s also SFT (safe for teens) – Blue has to worry a little about boys, but the focus is on the race against time, the chase, and the bromances rather than the romance.

Want more than two cents? Read on!

Do you know what one of my favourite things in YA fantasy is? Originality. It’s not a prerequisite – I enjoy many YA fantasies that are variations on themes, such as a really well done dystopian novel. They’re hardly rare, but a well-executed story will often override the sense of deja vu.

But something new? Of course, that’s incredibly compelling.

You guys, there are so many things to love about The Dream Thieves. This world is just so much fun. Let’s make a checklist. So, you’d like:

  • Ley lines and long-dead Welsh Kings, magic that’s ancient in origin and fresh in delivery? In spades, my friends.
  • Cute, crushworthy boys, complete with Southern American accents? Awesome! Have four (arguably five *coughKavinskycough*).
  • An actually likeable, smart, interesting lead protagonist? Meet Blue. She rocks.
  • Clever dialogue, and even more clever plot twists? BRING IT ON.
  • A strong cast of secondary characters that make the world feel populated by more than our people? Let me tell you about the townspeople of Henrietta.
  • A book so intriguing that the seriously frustrating narrator of my audio book version wasn’t enough to stop me racing to the end? What an oddly specific request. BUT YOU’VE GOT IT.

I’m consistently impressed by Maggie Stiefvater. I loved the first book in the Raven Cycle, and I also loved her standalone novel, The Scorpio Races. The Dream Thieves was a great second chapter. I’m really looking forward to the next!

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