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Reached – by Ally Condie

Matched, the first book in this trilogy by Ally Condie, was a favourite of mine. I wasn’t as impressed by Crossed, the second in the series, but I was already invested enough in this world and these characters to want to follow their journeys to their conclusion in Reached. This is what I thought of the final volume in Condie’s trilogy:

Cassia’s come a long way from the obedient Society member who never asked questions or deviated from the expected. After falling in love with Ky rather than her Society-decreed Match, Xander, Cassia was forced to stop accepting the Society’s word as gospel, instead making her own choices – even when they have huge consequences.

Now Cassia’s one of an increasingly powerful rebellion called the Rising who refuse to believe that the controlled, bland, cookie cutter lifestyle maintained so fanatically by the Society is the only way to live. They want freedom – they want choices. After years of biding their time with small refusals to conform, the Rising is now in a position to enact their plan, and challenge the Society for control. After a move this big, nothing will ever be the same: for the unquestioning Society members, for the Rising, or for the outcasts. May the Odds Be Ever… No, Wait:

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