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Jess Talks: Home Front by Kristin Hannah.

I’d like to give a warm welcome to Jess, my good friend who’s just as big a book nut as I am! Today in Jess Talks, Jess gives us her thoughts on Home Front, by Kristin Hannah:

home frontNormally I stay away from romance novels, but I really respect Kristin Hannah’s writing style. She doesn’t write clich√© romance, instead taking her readers on a whirlpool ride of twists and turns.

In Home Front, Jolene Zarkades has spent the last twelve years of her marriage believing that a smile and a positive attitude will fix most problems. Her husband Michael is quite happy to let his wife take the lead in the marriage, parenting and social interactions whilst he throws himself into his work as a defence lawyer. The only sour issue in their relationship is Jolene’s job. See, Jolene flies helicopters for the Army National Guard, an occupation that neither Michael nor Jolene’s eldest daughter Betsy approve of.

When Jolene is suddenly drafted to Iraq for one year the problems in her marriage threaten to overflow. Michael is 100% anti-war and resents Jolene for leaving her family. Jolene can’t fix these problems regardless of how positive she tries to be. Instead she has to trust Michael to step up and be the father her two daughters need and deserve. Leading Each Other Out of the Dark:


Smitten (Unlucky Break) – Kate Forster

UnluckyThis is the first in an upcoming crossover YA/New Adult series from Hardie Grant called Smitten. They’re described as being an antidote to the many (many) paranormal heart-throbs clogging up our shelves at the moment, and as light, fun, reads with lots of pining and a happily ever after. Here’s how I found the first Smitten book, Unlucky Break:

Andi’s not having the best time. Her Dad was never in the picture, and her Mum’s just died. Her Mum never gave up fighting, but this meant that she refused to make plans for Andi, leaving her effectively stranded, with no family in Australia and very few options. Oh, yeah – and she just caught her long-term boyfriend with her best friend. So, not a great month.

When Hollywood’s darling and Andi’s estranged aunt, Cece Powers, offers her a home in LA, Andi’s mostly just relieved to have somewhere to go, even if she has no idea what she’ll do with herself once she’s there. Transplanted into the bright lights and huge city, she’ll have to learn to navigate life amongst celebrities, paparazzi and people with far too much money. She’ll also have to figure out what she wants to do and the kind of person she wants to be. It’s time to grow up – and it might also be time to fall in love. I’m Not Cool/Just A Regular Girl In An Insane World:

Be Careful What You Wish For – by Gemma Crisp

carefulThis book is the first by the former editor of Cleo and Dolly magazines. It proudly declares that “If you liked The Devil Wears Prada, you’ll love this.” I did enjoy Prada, and I also really enjoy a good chick lit read, so I dove in. Here’s what I thought:

Nina Morey doesn’t love hospitality. As much fun as it is catering for the every whim of rich, entitled guests at one of London’s most exclusive hotels, she’s had about enough. Figuring out what she does love to do is the hard part – but when Nina spies an opportunity to intern at a fashion magazine, she jumps at the chance. Soon, she’s racing through the ranks of glossy mags in London and then in Sydney, juggling deadlines, professional frenemies, potential boyfriends and nightmarish hours as she tries to live the age old adage of the working woman who has it all. When She Was Just A Girl/She Expected the World:

I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella

numberI’m a sucker for a good chick-lit blurb, and this one caught my eye a few months ago. I finally got the chance to read the book. Meet Poppy. Her life’s a wee bit complicated, with a wedding next week and a million things left to do.

Disaster! Poppy Wyatt’s lost her engagement ring (a priceless family heirloom ring, no less). Not only that, her phone’s been stolen! So there’s no way for the hotel to call her when they find the ring – until she finds a phone dumped in a bin in the hotel lobby. Thank goodness! Finders keepers, right? But as it turns out, this phone belongs to businessman Sam Roxton’s company, and he’d like it back, thank you very much. In order to use the number Poppy desperately offers to act as Sam’s PA for a few days. And if she accidentally reads some of the messages she’s passing on, well, that’s unavoidable really. And if she begins to help Sam out by organising a few things on his behalf, well, he should appreciate the help. Unless he doesn’t. Oh. Call Me Maybe:

My Life Next Door – by Huntley Fitzpatrick

This YA contemporary romance came highly recommended by blogs I’ve been reading, and the word that kept coming up is ‘charming’. I love the yellow hardcover design of this one, and read it on holidays a couple of weeks ago. This is my take on My Life Next Door:

Samantha Reed is cautious, conscientious and always considerate of others – particularly of her high-strung local politician mother. Sam’s mum expects nothing less, and can’t imagine anyone not wanting to live in her buttoned-up, obsessively¬†vacuumed, structured and scheduled world. Which helps to explain why Sam’s mother loathes the family next door.

The Garrett family are the Reed’s polar opposites. Their eight children enjoy a kind of chaotic freedom that Samantha can only imagine as she watches from her bedroom. Until the day Jase Garrett climbs up to her window and invites her to be a part of his world. (Oh dear, accidental Little Mermaid reference there!) The Garretts are so welcoming that in no time, Sam feels like one of them – but when a terrible accident is caused, she will have to choose where her loyalties truly lie. I Don’t Belong/Like I Did Before:

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