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The Rise of Nine – by Pittacus Lore

I’d been keeping an eye out for this book, the latest in a series that so far comprises I Am Number Four and The Power of Six. I Am Number Four used some familiar elements as well as some refreshingly original twists, making it a good read and a story I’ve enjoyed following since. Here’s my take on the latest instalment:

John Smith, Number Four of the handful of the survivors of Lorien, has spent his life waiting and hiding. Hiding from the enemy aliens who pursued John and the handful of remaining Garde from Lorien to Earth, and are determined to eliminate every last one. Waiting to come into his powers, or legacies. Waiting to find the other Lorien survivors, the rest of the Garde, who are all charged with finding a way to defeat the enemy Mogadorians. Waiting to avenge his people and find a way home. Now the members of the Garde are finding their way together, and after all the waiting they will finally have the chance to fight. But Not Quite Yet:

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