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Sensational Quote Sunday

Some books change your life. They change the way you see the world. They do this not only with the story as a whole, but sometimes with an idea, a beautiful phrase, or even a word, that resonates with you the way nothing has before.

Sensational Quote Sunday is my way of paying homage to those books that remind me every day why I love reading.


Today, I’m highlighting a quote from The Magicians by Lev Grossman. One of the hardest things for me to deal with in Grossman’s wonderful novel was our perpetually underwhelmed protagonist, Quentin. He spent most of the book discovering new worlds – discovering that magic was a thing, for goodness’ sake – and remaining not quite impressed. He was always looking for that (excuse me) magical solution to all his feelings of aimlessness and failure, and it took him a long time to realise that there’s no fix it. There’s no easy out. There’s just growing up.

I admired The Magicians for not shying away from such a frustrating, such a true perspective. And I particularly admire Lev Grossman’s turns of phrase, which elevated his work to an impressive height.

Also – read it!

The Magicians – by Lev Grossman

MagiciansI’m going to start providing summaries at the top of my reviews, for those who want the TL:DR version. Behold:

The Magicians is incredibly ambitious, odd, cynical and sometimes downright infuriating. I LOVED it.

What if Hogwarts (or a place a lot like it) was real? But what if being a magician doesn’t magically solve all your problems, or automatically furnish you with a purpose and direction in life? What if you’re still just you?

This book came to me both highly and widely recommended as an adult’s Harry Potter. People I knew from disparate parts of my life were ranting excitedly at me about how wonderful it was. WOW. Talk about great expectations. Alohomora:

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