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The Storyteller – by Jodi Picoult

storytellerAh, Jodi. Her books have been worldwide bestsellers, in the vein of authors such as Nicholas Sparks or a more maudlin Marian Keyes. I picked up an ARC of The Storyteller from work. It’s been a few years since I’ve read anything of Picoult’s: here’s what I thought of her latest.

Sage Singer has had a difficult couple of years. She’s an artisan baker, working nights, which allows her to avoid other people seeing the scar she received in a car accident. Sage allows very few people into her life. When the elderly Josef Weber starts to befriend her, no one is more surprised than Sage that she enjoys his company and doesn’t mind him seeing her face. But Josef has a secret – he has a scar of his own. And his scar may be nothing compared to the scars he has caused others. Josef has an agenda behind his friendship with Sage: he asks if she will hear his story, forgive him his sins, and then help him die.

Now, I’m going to put in a nice big SPOILER ALERT here. I don’t usually spoil too much in my reviews but its necessary here. So, if you’re going to read The Storyteller and don’t want to know anything about Josef’s past, please stop here. Generally, parts of this book worked for me and parts felt like something I’d read before. Can You Help Me Bent/I’m So Scared That I’ll Never Get Put Back Together:

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