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Dreamless – by Josephine Angelini

This is the sequel to Starcrossed, and came out in July. I was impressed by Starcrossed, so was looking forward to this book, and I ripped through it in only a couple of days. Here’s what I thought:
Helen’s had a hectic couple of months. First she discovered that she’s not paranoid: she actually is different from all the other kids. That’s what happens when you’re a Scion, gifted and cursed with the face of the original Helen of Troy. Good news: she’s fallen in love. Bad news: the guy she loves, Lucas, is completely off-limits. And not even in a forbidden fruit kind of way, in a ‘he’s your first cousin’ way. Ugh. But that’s the least of Helen’s troubles (even if it doesn’t always feel like it). As it turns out, this generation of Scions have the responsibility of ending the millenia-old cycle of violence and bloodshed, either by pacifying the Furies and finding relief for all Scions from the mindless violence they demand, or by staging one final showdown between all who remain, which will end in blood and tears. No pressure. We Might Fall:

Starcossed – by Josephine Angelini

A recent grab from work, released in May 2011. A new angle on YA Fantasy: here’s what I thought.

When Helen tries to kill the new kid, Lucas Delos, with her bare hands on his first day at school, her lifelong quest to remain unnoticed is somewhat derailed. Helen’s always felt different, but it’s not until the Delos clan come to town that she discovers exactly how different she is: Helen’s a direct descendant of the Greek Gods. And as fate (or the Fates, for that matter) would have it, she and Lucas are destined to love each other, and also to try as hard as they can to kill each other. And you thought your high school crush was complicated!

Helen and Lucas are only part of the Fates’ plan: the end game is coming, and millenia of warring that began in Ancient Greece, at Troy, and continues to this day is coming to a head. It falls to this generation of Scions to close the cycle, one way or another, and the stakes have never been higher. Dare you accept the quest?

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